designs in plastic


Reg is a pull/push-along toy - measuring  30 x 20 x 20 cm.


Picture panels can either be 4 rigid or a carousel of 40+/- flexible pages (so giving a longer animation).


Reg is designed to grow with the child: from a baby to a toddler.


This Daisy is a highchair toy.  


Daisy has central spinning picture panels - this provides animation on upper & lower panels.


A suction cup fixes Daisy into place.


Chunky's central, vertical petals spin with the pictures.



(Pictures yet to be applied to the animation panels)


designs in wood


TIM (short for timber!) is designed to be pushed/pulled by hand.  Tim is approx. 22cm long x 16cm high.


The artwork can be altered to create a police car, fire-engine and so on, the body stays the same. 


Tim has 4 animation panels, these turn by gear train from the back wheels.


This Daisy contains the same animation panels as her plastic counterpart; her parts are mainly wood (or metal)


Wooden Daisy has two caterpillar characters.  One can be woven in / out of the holes, or used to create sound - by being dragged across the top.


The other caterpillar is formed of separate beads for pushing back and forth.


The little flower at the front has a shiny/reflective centre - to attract the magpies  : ) 


In this model, animation panels (or pages) sit within a cylinder at the front.  As the child pushes the walker, the pictures  rotate/ change.  No only is this fun but it should encourage the child to be active.  


Visibility won't be obscured and if necessary the animation can be very simple so not to distract too much. 


An alternative model has the pages/panels without the cylinder housing (we are looking at the safety angles here)