prototypes (ready to go!)


Reg is a pull and push-along toy. 

Inside sit picture frames and when moved the picture frames flip over to show animation.

On this model, a different animation is from each direction. 

Reg is designed to grow with the child:

• a seated baby can move the car from the bumpers.

• a handle attaches to become a walker.

(This animation was drawn by an artist who has worked on Hey Duggee etc).



Daisy has central spinning panels with pictures on.  

The top pictures show a little cartoon of a bee flying from left to right.  The bottom pictures show a little cartoon of a caterpillar crawling in the opposite direction. 

Daisy (and Chunky) can have a suction cap or alternatively a different style fixing to suit a pram bumper bar for instance. 


(pictures yet to be applied)

Chunky's central, vertical petals spin with the pictures.