(pictures yet to be applied)

As the windmill's sails spin, they present animation.  

This model could be made out of paper and card.


(pictures yet to be applied)

We call this a picture abacus.  The lever is pulled to reveal multiple panels that spin at the same time. 

The picture panels could show some of the alphabet with animal pictures, or the panels could create a kaleidoscope effect for instance. 


Piggie here has a window on his back, the window conceals a carousel of pictures. 

Not only is he an endearing  little model and the animation might show a leaping litter of piglets for instance  :)


ways to use animation for role-play+

The animation sparks imagination, brings the toy to life and gives a (patented) USP.

And all these toys can also contain the usual other elements for their age-group. 


As the child pushes the lawnmower toy, an animation showing grass cuttings flying around (we have a video demo of this).


(Pictures yet to be applied)


Shopping trolley.  As with the lawnmower, this role-play equipment comes to life with its animation panels positioned on the rear axle: animation could be fruit/veg etc pouring into a trolley basket.

(Pictures yet to be applied)


1950's style fruit-machine /foam maker.  

Bubble bath/water mix is poured in through the top and the foam is produced along with the animation.  

The glace-cherry slides to determine which animation to present.  

The animation might be cute and unrelated or could show a chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice-cream movie.

We have many more examples of bath toys..